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by Steve Ayris on 31 January, 2018

(Picture: Cllrs Steve Ayris, Sue Auckland, and Ian Auckland – Woodseat Road)

Campaigners for road safety measures are celebrating a partial victory with the announcement of a proposed 20mph speed limit to control vehicle speeds on The Dale and bottom of Scarsdale Road near Woodseats Primary and Nursery School.

Local councillors are now urging the Council to bring in other safety measures around the School. In particular, improving the Chesterfield Road junction and to move the bus stop away from the top of Woodseats Road, where a child was knocked down last year.

(Picture: Cllrs Ian Auckland, Sue Auckland and Steve Ayris on The Dale, Woodseats last Summer)

A petition organised by local Lib Dem councillor Steve Ayris, including signatures collected by the School, is set to be presented to Council next Wednesday calling for measures to improve road safety around the School. The petition is supported by a survey and 75% of responders have had road trouble in the area.

Lib Dem Cllr Steve Ayris said:

These measures will go some way to reducing the risk of accidents, but we are pressing for further changes, particularly around the Chesterfield Road junction with Scarsdale Road and moving the Woodseats Road bus stop away from the junction.

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